Redistricting is the process of redrawing legislative district boundaries to guarantee equal representation for federal, state, and local governing bodies. It has an incredible impact on states and the communities within them.


No matter our color, party, or zip code, we deserve an equal say in the decisions that shape our future. Fair districting sets the foundation for the next decade.

When communities draw the maps, we choose what hospitals, schools and resources are funded in our neighborhood.

We want a transparent process we can trust, where communities remain whole and where voters have an equal voice.

Draw Your District - Community of Interest

Sharing your “community of interest” testimony at a redistricting hearing is a powerful way of shaping your community’s district maps for the next decade to come. A community of interest is a group of people in a geographically cohesive area, such as a city or neighborhood, that tends to have similar interests, shared experiences, and votes as a bloc.

When we draw the fair maps, our communities are represented by leaders who know us, who represent our needs, and fight for the resources that our children and families need.

How You Can Participate


To ensure a fair process, we need your help. Community input is vital to keeping our communities whole and equal. You can sign up to join the process by attending districting hearings, events, creating and submitting maps, and by also contacting your state legislators in charge of the process.

When We'll Know the Process

Legislators will have until April 7, 2022  to redraw the maps for state Senate, state House and U.S. House districts, although there is no statutory deadline to be met. These officials will help determine our district lines for the next 10 years.

By House redistricting committee rules, public members can submit their own redistricting plans through a House member before noon on November 12, 2022, but their design must redistrict the entire state.

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