Tell your legislator:
Helping people vote should NOT be a crime.


Sample Script

Hello, my name is [your name] and I'm a voter in the district. How are you?

(wait for reply)

Great, I'm calling because I'd like [Representative Name] to keep voter registration legal in Tennessee and vote NO on Senate Bill 971.


[optional: share why it's important to you personally that voting rights be protected, and groups not be penalized for just trying to help register voters]


This bill is the country's most aggressive attack on voting rights, with fines and criminal penalties on folks just trying to do their civic duty and register voters if their efforts aren’t absolutely perfect.


It’s wrong to penalize community members just trying to improve civic participation - especially when our state is ranked 45th in the country.


Will [Representative's Name] oppose Secretary Tre Hargett’s rushed, partisan attack on voter registration, and instead work with groups to improve civic participation in our state?


(wait for response, ask them 'why' and tell us what they say on the next page!)


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